We will be offering a large Gluten Free menu plus  GF lagers and beers (as well as a selection of normal beers) we also have a selection of wines.

Take a look at our menu and see if anything takes your fancy.

The Bistro is open Thurs/Fri and Sat 6pm until 11.30pm you can reserve a table by phone (0114 2682857) or in person if you’re passing by.


Curried Butternut Squash and Coconut Milk Soup £4.50
Gluten Free

Scotch Woodcock and asparagus on toast
Scrambled Eggs with Anchovy on Toasted Ciabatta £5.25

Mini Mushroom Burger
100% Vegetarian. Served on Mini Roll and salad garnish Starter £4.95

Chorizo and Tomato Salad
Fried Chorizo served with Tomato on Green Salad. Gluten Free

Crispy Crab Cakes
Made with pure White Crab Meat, Coriander and Crème Freche. Served with Salad Garnish and our own Sweet Chilli Sauce. (Gluten Free version available).
Starter £5.55

Vittles Smokie
Poached, flaked Smoked Haddock in a Creamy cheese sauce, topped with breadcrumbs and oven baked. Served with dipping Granary Toast
(Gluten free version available)
Starter £ 5.95

Salt and Pepper Squid
Served with Salad Garnish and Lemon Wedges
Starter £5.95


Pan fried Apple and Walnut in Brandy and Maple Syrup Served with Vanilla Ice Cream £4.65

New York Cheesecake £4.50

Toffee and Pecan Roulade £4.50

Mango Sorbet £3.85

Trio Of Ices £4.00

Cheese Board £6.00

Molecular Special – Caramelised Banana’s with Nutella Dust and Vanilla Ice Cream. £5.00

Beers and Lagers

Gluten Free Premium Pils £3.45 per 330ml bottle

Gluten Free Discovery £3.55 per 330 ml bottle

Gluten Free Blonde Ale £3.65 per 330ml bottle

Peroni Nastro Azzuri £2.95 per 330ml bottle

Corona Extra Beer £2.95 per 330ml bottle


Selected Reds, Rose and White Wines

£12.00 per bottle

£4.75 per 250 ml glass

£2.50 per 125ml glass

Mains (Platters)

Sea Food
Salt and Pepper Squid, Crispy Crab Cakes, Cod Goujons, Skewered Garlic Prawns and Vittles Smokie. Served with Our Sweet Chilli Sauce and Toasted Dipping Bread.

Small Soup of the Day, Grilled Halloumi and Seasoned Couscous, Vittles Mini Mushroom Burgers (No Roll), Tomato, Cauliflower and Spinach Curry.

Above Platters £14.50 per person


Slow Cooked Lamb Shank in a Rosemary and Mint Sauce
Served with Mash and Veg.

Sheffield’s Bangers and Mash
Four Sausage Mix (Pork, Cumberland, Pork and Onion, Minty Lamb) from Sheffield’s award winning Farm and Butchers, Including Moss Valley Farms, Roneys and S10 Butchers. Served with Creamy Mash, Henderson’s Relish & Onion Gravy and Mushy Peas
Gluten Free Version Available (Pork, Tomato and Basil)

Cod and Chips
Cod cooked in Lemonade Batter, Handcut Double Fried Chips and Mushy Peas. Served with Tartar Sauce . (Gluten Free Version Available)

Steak ‘n’ Cheese Quesadilla
Served with Warm Chorizo and Sweet Pepper Salsa £8.95

Arrabiata Meatball Linguine
Pork Meatballs served in spicy Tomato sauce and served with Linguine
£8.95 Gluten Free Version Available with shaped Pasta

Creamy Mushroom Linguine (v)
Porcini and Field Mushrooms, Cream, Parmesan, Linguine that’s all it needs.
£8.65 Gluten Free Version Available with Shaped Pasta

Halloumi and Seasoned Couscous

Sirloin Steak and Chips

Tomato, Cauliflower and Spinach Curry
Served with Rice

Mushroom Burger
100% Vegetarian. Served on Toasted Ciabatta with Homemade Chips. £8.95


Chips £2.25
Onion Rings £2.00
Side Salad £2.50
Blue Cheese Sauce £1.50


Specials are available daily and will be displayed in the Cafe

*Menu is subject to change